California Earthquake Pictures - Loma Prieta
October 17, 1989

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Pictures of Earthquakes

Crack system near Summit Road, half a mile southwest of Highway 17. View is northwest. A wide zone of dominantly extensional cracks passes several feet in front of the house.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Larger of the two cracks that broke Morrill Road by left-lateral motion in both the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Shows 1.1 feet of extension, 1.2 feet of left lateral displacement, and 0.3 feet of vertical displacement. The yardstick is aligned in the direction of movement of the opposite sides of the crack.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Summit Road area in the Santa Cruz Mountains. A crack system destroyed a driveway adjacent to Summit Road half a mile southeast of Highway 17.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Fremont Baylands. KGO radio transmission towers, built on Bay mud in a salt evaporation pond used by Leslie Salt Company. Note progressively less damage to the towers with increased distance from the viewer.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Oakland. Remnant portion of the north- and south-bound viaduct, exposing box girders near 14th Street.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Santa Cruz Area. Rescue efforts at the Pacific Garden Mall.

Pictures of Earthquakes

San Francisco. Collapsed and burned buildings shown in photo mce00003 at Beach and Divisadero in the Marina District.

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Credits: All earthquake photographs courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Event Photographers:
Ellen, S.D.
Fisher, G.R.
Haugerud, R.A.
McLaughlin, R.J.
Nakata, J.K.
Plafker, G.

Note: YupRocks makes no copyright claims on these earthquake photographs - they are public domain and may be freely distributed.
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