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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I found this rock/mineral...can you tell me what it is?
One of my geology professors used to tell me that he would never be able to truly tell me what rock or mineral I was talking about unless he was able to "put it against his nose". Understandably, he meant that there is no satisfactory way for a person to identify a mineral unless they are able to hold it in their hands and look at it from inches away, not to mention being able to use a magnifying glass. However, thanks to technology we can do the next best thing - you can send me a picture of your questionable material and I promise to do my best for you. Be sure to indicate where you found it as well, so that I can build some sort of context around the object.

I can be reached via email at this address:
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Q: I'd like to use some of your photography for my science project, report, etc. May I have your permission to do so?
I created this site because I like to see people learn about Geology, the Earth, and our natural environment; therefore, I automatically want to say "YES!" when someone wishes to use my photography for educational purposes. However, I work hard on my photography and continue to work hard on this website so I want to make sure that whenever my images are used by someone else, they're used respectfully and according to my wishes. Therefore, all use of my imagery MUST follow the guidelines below with no exceptions:

Use of my copyrighted photography can only be for non-profit. If there's even a remote chance that this could be violated, stop reading this now and find somewhere else to get the mineral photography you seek. In rare instances I am willing to sell the rights to certain photos when a fair price is arrived at. For everyone else:

1. Notify me of when, how, and why you will be using any of my copyrighted photography before you use it.
2. You may use a maximum of 5 images from the entire yuprocks.com website within a 1 year timeframe - no more than 5 images within 1 year, no exceptions.
3. You may only use 1 picture of a mineral. In other words, you can't use 2 different Garnet pictures - you're only allowed to use 1.
4. Wherever you use my copyrighted photography, it must be clearly referenced as to where it came from. In other words, if someone is looking at a yuprocks picture then next to it there should be some sort of statement that indicates it's from www.yuprocks.com and that you are using it with permission from the site owner.
5. If the yuprocks imagery will be used on the internet, then not only does there need to be a reference (as was described in "4."), but the image itself must link to the yuprocks.com homepage (http://www.yuprocks.com). In addition, you must download the image on your own server space and reference it there - yuprocks.com is configured to disallow other websites from linking to images on the yuprocks server in order to prevent image and bandwidth theft (note: links to pages are ok).

Q: Does YupRocks accept donations?
Yes, we humbly welcome them. All proceeds go towards site hosting and maintenance costs. Please use the donation button below to make your donation, and thank you very much for your help - this site survives because of contributions from visitors like you.

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