The Mineral Adamite
Adamite Picture

Adamite Picture

Adamite is a rare Zinc Arsenate Hydroxide secondary mineral that can be extracted from zinc deposits. The color of pure Adamite is white, but it can also be found in yellow and green hues. Olivenite is isostructural with mineral Adamite (having similar crystal atom structure) with this mineral. Specimens of Adamite are located in Chile, the United States, Mexico, France, Namibia, Germany, Greece, England and Australia. Adamite belongs to Olivenite Group and has an Orthorhombic Crystal System (rectangular based prism with distinct 3 bases intersecting at 90° angles). The luster of this pale yellow mineral varies from Vitreous to adamantine.

Chemical Formula

Zn2 (AsO4) (OH)

Derivation Of Name

This mineral Adamite got its name from its inventor, the French mineralogist Gilbert-Joseph Adam, who discovered the first sample of the Adamite mineral.

Adamite Picture

Adamite Picture

Picture of Adamite


Adamite occurs with Hemimorphite, Smithsonite, Scorodite, Manganese Oxides, Calcite, Quartz, Olivenite and Calcite. This is the secondary mineral that is derived after the oxidization of zinc and from the arsenic-bearing hydrothermal mineral deposits. The crystals of Adamite are colored and the unique fluorescence makes this mineral famous among the mineral collectors. This mineral is usually found in Greece, Durango, Utah, California and Mapimi.


Some crystals of Adamite are used as Gemstone.


Adamite forms a solid solution when mixed with Copper Arsenate Olivenite. They are structurally distinct from Zincolivenite. The field indicators of Adamite are crystal habit, fluorescence, color, density and luster.

Color Pale yellow, Pale green or green, honey-yellow, blue, brownish yellow, white, reddish.

Density4.3 - 4.5 g/cm3

Hardness: 3.5 on Mohs Scale

Striking features: includes association with fluorescence and Limonite

Transparency:  Translucent To Transparent

The Mystic of the Stone:

The stone provides inner strength and clarity, therefore this stone is beneficial for emotional people. Adamite also helps in uniting mind and heart together. It brings confidence to move ahead and induces entrepreneurial skills. With this stone you get the capability to select a new avenue in life and move forward with positive energy. It brings growth in both personal and professional lives.

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