Water Line Agates
Water line agates are a YupRocks personal favorite. In contrast with fortification agates, water line agates develop "from the bottom, up," and layers of chalcedony are deposited in sequential events, distinctly in response to gravity.

Rare water line agates have been found that display two separate water level events, which indicates a historical tectonic event that resulted in the tilting or rotatation of the host rock, and the start of a second water line deposition event. Water level agates are usually found in association with fortification agates, and it is not uncommon to find specimens exhibiting early stages of fortification growth which are bisected by water line depositions. If you haven't already done so, check out our Introduction to Agates page.

All photographs courtesty of S. Beasley

Water Line Agate Picture Water Level Agate Picture Water Line Agate Picture
Water Agate Picture Water Line Agate Picture Water Line Agate Picture
Water level Agate Picture
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