The Mineral Amazonite
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Amazonite, popularly called as Amazone stone, is a beautiful feldspar gemstone with a pretty green color. It is a Potassium aluminium silicate mineral, the greenish variety of the mineral Microcline. The Amazonite mineral is a rarely occurring one. Its impressive bright green color attracts jewelers, and at times, they cut and use it as an inexpensive gemstone. It shows triclinic crystal system and a vitreous luster.

Chemical Formula

Al2O3· (SiO2) 1.3-2· (2.5-3) H2O

Derivation Of Name

Amazonite got its name after the Amazon River of South America. It is believed that certain green stones were formerly obtained from the Amazon River. But, it is still a mystery whether green feldspar occurs in the Amazon area.


The feldspars are perhaps one of the most plentiful minerals in the planet’s crust and Microcline represents the most widespread Potassium Feldspar that one can find in Pegmatites. Amazonite from microcline feldspar, is a green variety that one can find only rarely. The color green is a result of the small presence of lead and OH-1
You find Amazonite in Inida, Beazil, the United States, Russia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Australia.


Amazonite Pictures

When polished, the Amazonite Gem Stone  is light green in color. It is comparatively soft and can be fractured easily. Amazonite is a beautiful and inexpensive stone, mostly used as beads and polished into carvings and cabochons.


Pikes Peak produces the best crystals of green Amazonite. Besides, you can find it scattered in the pegmatitic pockets of Crystal Park in Colorado in association with smoky quartz. India, Brazil, Virginia, Amelia, Russia and Madagascar also produce excellent green crystals of this mineral.


Amazonite represents a distinct variety of Microcline and belongs to the Feldspar group. 

Color Blue, Green, Purple, Gray, hues of green, Blue-green

Density3 g/cm3

Hardness: 5-6 on the Months scale

The Mythical

It is excellent for people who suffer mood swings and emotional disturbances. It is used to provide relief and soothe the nervous system. Many experts consider Amazonite as a soothing stone related to the throat chakra, and people refer to it as the “Hope Stone”for the confidence and hope it instills in the wearer.

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