The Mineral Anglesite

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Anglesite is a lead sulfate mineral and rare in its occurrence. It is a secondary mineral, formed as a result of a galena lead sulfide. Anglesite occurs as earthy masses and display orthorhombic (one of the seven lattice point groups) crystals. It is isomorphic (a crystal that crystallizes in another mineral’s or compound’s form) with Celestine and Barite. It has a high specific gravity of 6.3 due to excess lead content. Color of pure Anglesite is generally gray or white with light yellow streaks. However, if it is impure, then its color can be dark.


Large size crystals of the mineral Anglesite can be found in Nambia, Tsumeb, Touissit and Mibladen. They can also be found in Montevecchio Mines, Sardinia, Monteponi, New South Wales, Australia and Italy. If you want to have the classic variety of this mineral then you can get it from Parys Mountain in UK.

Derivation Of Name

The mineral was found by William Withering in the year 1783 in the mines of Anglesey. Then, in the year 1832, this tinted crystal-mineral got its name from Francois Sulpice Beudant. Anglesite is named after the name of the locality: Anglesey. It is an island located at the north coast of Wales. The crystals from Anglesey were formerly found abundantly in a matrix of dull Limonite. They are typically plain in form and small in size.

Chemical Formulae


Physical characteristics

Color: Color of Anglesite can be Yellow, Blue, Green, Gray and colorless.

Luster: Adamantine

  • Transparency: Transparency lies between Transparent and translucent in thin fragment

  • Fracture: Conchoidal

  • Associated minerals: Galena, Cerussite, Hemimorphite, Sphalerite, Smithsonite Azurite, Malachite, Pyromorphite and Sulfur.

  • Specific gravity: 6.4

  • Hardness: 2.5 - 3


Anglesite is an ore of lead and greatly in demand. The crystal of Anglesite is typically used to elevate stillness and increase meditation. It is also used to locate the third eye chakra of the human body. Anglesite can help to manifest dreams into this reality.

Mythical Uses

It is believed that Anglesite promotes gentleness, sensitivity, relaxation and tenderness and is a grounding crystal that facilitates in the channeling process. It transmits a loving energy that promotes communication.


The gemstone of Anglesite is quite brittle and sensitive. They are beautiful transparent crystals, often accompanied by hues of yellow, blue or green. The dispersion of this stone is same as that of diamond. Due to low cleavage and hardness, great care is required to handle this stone. This stone can develop fractures when smacked hard. These stones are not used in jewelry, however, they are used in handicraft and decorative items.

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