The Mineral Apophyllite

apophyllite picture

picture of apophyllite

apophyllite picture

Apophyllite belongs to a particular class of Phyllosilicates that are a category of minerals. Formerly it was the name of a particular mineral, however, in the year 1978 it was redefined as a group of minerals that had identical chemical properties in a solid solution. These are inclusive of Apophyllite-(KOH), Apophyllite-(KF) and Apophyllite-(Naf).

This group of minerals is characteristically seen as secondary minerals found in small parts in basalt and several volcanic rocks. In the near future, there will be an alteration in its nomenclature system, which was endorsed by the International Mineralogical Association. The species were designated by eliminating the prefixes and using the suffixes

Chemical Formula

(K, Na) Ca4Si8O20 (F, OH)· 8H2O

Derivation Of Name

Apophylite is the derivative of the Greek name apophtlliso which means, “it flakes off”, This class of minerals have a tendency to lose its water content and separate as flakes when subjected to heat,


apophyllite picture

picture of apophyllite

apophyllite picture

In spite of the fact that the Apophyllite mineral is prominent as fine crystals obtained from basaltic lava-fields from different parts of the world, you can find in few terrains and occurrences of Apophyllite in Wales, where two out of three finds have been seen in areas known better for vein type fissure- like groupings called “Alpine”


Apophyllite is used in gem elixirs and its energy creates spiritual harmony to the chakra of the heart They use it also for preserving or charging items. It further stimulates the third eye vision. Its focusing power is awe-inspiring; therefore using it in the form of a pyramid is an ideal option for a specific usage.


The main resource of Apophyllite are Mexico, Guanajuato; Fundy region bay and Maine in the United States; Canada, and the Rosslands of British Columbia. Besides, the other areas where they are found are Northern regions of New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Oregon of the United States, Also Sweden, Brazil, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Czechoslovakia and Scotland. Earlier it occurred in India near Pune.


apophyllite picture

Apophyllite is weak and brittle. You should, therefore, grind it only with a 220 or 400 grit wheel. You should not grind into the grain of its cleavage. You should use only leather with Lind A or felt with Cerium Oxide for polishing. After faceting use a diamond copper lap and to cut it, and further polish it on tin with Linde A.


Apophyllite occurs in different colors, such as White, blue, colorless, reddish, Green hue and yellowish,


2.37 g/cm3

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