The Mineral Axinite
axinite picture

axinite picture

Axinite is in the class of reddish brown bladed minerals, colored either brown, brown with a violet tint or brown with a red tint, it is piezoelectric and pyroelectric.

Axinites are classified as follows:

Axinite-(Mg) - Magnesioaxinite, whose chemical formulae is Ca2MgA12BOSi4015 (OH), rich in magnesium and colored dull brown fading to dull pink and light blue to light violet.

Axinite-(Fe) - Ferroaxinite, whose chemical formulae is, Ca2Fe2+Al2BOSi4O15 (OH). It is rich in iron and colored brown to clove-brown, and pearl-gray to a plum-blue.

Axinite-(Mg) - Magnesioaxinite, whose chemical formulae is Ca2MgAl2BOSi4O15 (OH), is rich in magnesium and of color, dull violet to dull blue, pale pink to pale brown.

Tinzenite, with a Chemical formula of (CaFe2+Mn2+) 3Al2BOSi4O15 (OH) is manganese-iron midway, brownish-green with a yellow hue.

Axinite-(Mn) or Manganaxinite, Ca2Mn2+Al2BOSi4O15 (OH) is manganese mineral, rich, clove-brown, honey-yellow or brown to blue

Chemical Formula

(CA, Fe, Mn) 3Al2BO3Si4O12OH

Derivation Of Name

Axinite derived its name from the Greek word which meant axe, since its shape is evocative of an axe. Its crystal structure is triclinic (described by vectors of unequal length).

axinite picture

axinite picture


The mineral Axinite is found in the hollow spaces of granites or dibasic (, Subvolcanic Holocrystalline rock comparable with volcanic basalt) You can see them as hydrothermal veins and display the alpine type of mineralization as grayish green metabolites. The majority of the content in the veins are pale brown Ferro-Axinite, Calcite and Albite; other minerals in the list are uncommon.


The mineral Axinite is strong and grounding. It generates energy from the Mother Gaia and brings it into the body through the earth’s chakra. This energy boosts your endurance limit and strength. Their energy is curative and exquisite. It is said that this energy helps you bring transformation in your life.


This stone is quite uncommon, even though some brand as a rare stone; it is obtained from Russia, Mexico, France and the USA.


axinite picture

axinite picture

This mineral is triclinic, meaning, none of its planes or its axis of rotation are symmetrical, but it has a symmetrical center. A center or a center of symmetry is a symmetrical process that holds the face of a crystal on one side and turns it upside down through the center of the crystal to the next side. The faces that are overturned are totally turned over from top to bottom and right to left. And this is the only process that is symmetrical. They do not have definite faces, all are scattered (other than the faces that are inverted on the opposite side of the crystal).


Brown with red hue, colorless or yellow, violet, blue or gray.


3.3 – 3.4

Mohs scale hardness



6.5-7 on Mohs Scale

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