The Mineral Beryl


Mineral Beryl

Beryl Mineral

Among the group of minerals, Beryl stands as an important mineral. Even though it is obtained in large quantities, it is hard to get the transparent gem-features. The samples of transparent Beryl are called “precious beryl”. The green emerald is the most prominent Beryl and next to it is the blue aquamarine. In spite of Beryl being one among the most popular group of minerals the public is not well aware of the Golden Beryl. Pink ‘Morganite’, colorless or white, and”Goshenite,” are the other well-known beryls. Red Beryl is an extraordinary beryl called ‘Bixbite’ in the commercial field.

In geological terms, the mineral beryl comprises of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. It is possible that the hexagonal crystal of Beryl occurs as a tiny crystal or as big as many meters in size. Finished crystals are comparatively rare. Pure Beryl has no color, however often it is shaded with impurities.

Chemical Formula

Be3Al2 (SiO3) 6

Derivation Of Name

The mineral’s name Beryl is derived from the Latin name Beryllus, from Mid-English name Beril, from the Old French word Beryl and from Greek word  Beryllos, which has reference to a “precious green color with a blue hue of seawater stone”.


The Mineral Beryl is found in a variety of colors. Besides,  it occurs in many significant varieties of gemstones. Emerald, which is green in color, is one among the most valuable gems. Emerald is only the dark green colored Beryl. Those that have a  light green color are  simply called “Green Beryl” (in case it is yellow in color, it is called Heliodor). A few of the biggest naturally found crystals that occur are of Beryl. And in many pegmatite incidences these crystals are found in great quantities.





The mineral Beryl belongs to a very big collection. Gemstones that have close resemblance to each other are grouped by the impurities in them and by their color. Besides, there exists many identical gemstones, like tourmaline, quartz, imperial topaz, apatite and few feldspar gems. All the types of beryl are formed into facets of different gem cuts, particularly Aquamarine and Emerald, these are the jewelry gemstones that are very popular.


Beryl is a very rare mineral that occurs in only some of the countries, but Bixbite is still rare to obtain in shapes sufficient to have the looks of a gem. Actually, beaver, Bixite can only be found in Utah as a gem.



Beryl is a very attractive and well known mineral. In nature, it is transparent, but because of the impurity content and other inclusive ingredients, it appears opaque.

Color The probable colors are blue, green, white, yellow and red.

Density 2.92 g/cm3

Mohs hardness 7.5 to 8 on Mohs scale

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