The Mineral Bisbeeite

Bisbeeite is a type of mineral in the silicate group that belongs to the subordinate, Inosilicates.  It is an exceptional, inferior kind of copper mineral which is defined as a subordinate quality. In 1952 it was defined by Schaller and analyzed by Laurent & Pierrot in the year 1962. He researched on the  type of material and made a comparison of the same with that which occurred in Africa. The studies determined that it was a distinctive type. The Bisbeeite that was mined from the Grandview mine (as per the report of Rogers, in the year 1922) was in the due course considered by Gordon in 1923 as Cyanotrichite Bisbeeite and included in the long list of the inferior minerals of copper. Similar to the others, Bisbeeite is striking, colorful, of excellent crystal structure and by all means,  a very good mineral for collection. It has a specific color like that of turquoise and is of a particular fibrous variety, and  features a variety of characteristics that makes it a mineral of a typical quality.

Chemical Formula

(Cu, Mg) Sio3nH2O

Derivation Of Name

The name Bisbeeite derives from Arizona, Bisbee, Cochise County, the region from where it was initially defined.


It is obtained in the form of acicular (needle shaped) sprays or in collections of radial fibers that extend corresponding to the chains, which means alongside the axis of the crystal. Besides,  it appears as platy crystals or minute tabular (flat and broad) formations. It is associated with the orthorhombic class of crystals, which is quite identical to the orthorhombic system (3 unequal axes at right angle to one another in a crystallization system).

Bisbeeite also occurs along with the inferior copper minerals of other minerals like Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Conichalcite, Dioptase and Brochantite. Some of these  as rare minerals to be relegated to the treasure- trove.


Bisbeeite is a stone full of vitality that elevates vibrations. It has a metaphysical use in development, design, fame, courage, worldly power and strength. It is when one is in a stressed condition that we particularly notice its valor and power. The Bisbeeite stone  shields you  against  negative energies of any kind.


The Bisbeeite is found as first hand malachite in Mexico in the Milpillas Mine. The Mindouli, Sanda Mine, Republic of Congo and Pool Region are the other locations where it is obtained.


We find Bisbeeite in the inferior mineral formation in the deposits of copper in the zone of oxidization in combination with many other minerals such as Dioptase, Tenorite, Malachite, Chrysocolla and Conichalcite.

Color Deep green, mild blue and faded blue.

Density 3.6 - 3.8, Average = 3.7

Mohs scale hardness    5.5 to 6

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