The Mineral Celestite

Mineral Celestite

Celestite Mineral


Celestine, also known as Celestite is a mineral comprising mainly of strontium sulfate and is the key source for the element strontium, frequently used in the  production of many metallic alloys and fireworks. It is highly valued because of its high frequency and marvelous energy providing properties. Its crystals have healing characteristics.

Chemical Formula  

At times it may contain traces of barium and/or calcium.

Derivation of Name  
It gets its name from the Latin word 'coelestis', implying 'heavenly', referring to its beautiful blue color.

It appears in the form of crystals and also in compressed, fibrous massive structures. It is most often found in sedimentary rocks, as also along with minerals like Anhydrite, Gypsum And Halite. In sediments of Marine Carbonates, burial dissolution is a known mechanism for Celestine precipitation.       

Celestite (SrSO4) is a super stone, it aids in meditating on any topic, giving you an ideal angelic power in meditation. It helps in shielding all types of distractions like noise,  and helps you to give full attention to the existing problem. Besides, it is a super tool for astronomical uses for travelling. Celestite has the power of purifying the aura of human beings and also other creatures. It is a general tool for solving your day-to-day issues, like building relationships, healing etc.

The known locations where this mineral occurs are Michigan, Lake Erie which is a Region of Ohio and other places such as Germany, Madagascar, New York USA and Sicily, in Italy.

Celestite Picture

Picture of Celestite

Celestite Picture


The structure of Celestite is identical to Barite (BaSO4), and has very similar crystals. The two look similar and only a flame test can authenticate the identity of its crystals. A pale green flame confirms it is barite while a red flame is a proof of it being celestite. The difference in color is because strontium and barium react differently with the flame.  Usually, Barite is not blue, though many varieties of blue Barite are mistaken for celestite. 

The Mystical
It is a soft blue crystal having  divinely uplifting vibrations. Despite its gentle and sweet looks, it is known to have  powerful and  psychic effects. For that reason it is called a “teacher for the New Age", because it connects one with the saintly sphere, facilitating the flow of higher frequencies into the Chakras of the Third-Eye and Crown and also deep into the Throat Chakra,  for expression.

Though usually blue in color, it may also appear colorless or in yellow with hues of brown, green and red.
3.98 g/cm3

Mohs scale hardness
3 - 3.5

Celestite Mineral


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