The Mineral Cerussite

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Cerussite is also known as white lead ore or just lead carbonate mineral. This mineral,  comprising of lead carbonate,  is a significant ore of lead.  This stone can bring wonderful changes to one’s life by using the process of spiritual alchemy.

Chemical Formula  
PbCO3     (lead carbonate)

Derivation of Name  
Its name is derived from the Latin word “cerussa,” which means white lead. It often gets misspelled as cerusite, cerrussite, and cerrusite but the correct spelling is cerussite.


Crystals are commonly found, and generally their faces are smooth and very bright. This mineral is also found as a compact granular mass, and at times in a fibrous configuration.  The crystals are very brittle and their structure is conchoidal (Referring to a kind of fracture of solids that results in a rounded smooth surface, similar to a scallop shell).  Its specific gravity is 6.5. A variety of this mineral having seven percent zinc carbonate instead of the usual lead carbonate is called Iglesiasite, which is derived from Iglesias in Sardinia, the place where it was sighted.        

bornite picture

bornite picture

This stone is acknowledged for playing a significant role in transforming one’s life.  It’s a superb stone to be used when looking to bring changes to your spiritual life.  If you are considering starting a new line of work that incorporates spirituality, you are most likely to benefit from using Cerussite. This stone is also helpful in creating a sound financial foundation and helps you to lead a more practical daily life.

Perfectly crystallized samples of Cerussite minerals are found in the mines of Friedrichssegen in Lahnstein which is adjacent to Nassau, Mines in Bohemia, Johanngeorgenstadt in Saxony, Broken Hill, Phoenixville in Pennsylvania., New South Wales and many other places. Fragile needle-shaped crystals of sufficient length were discovered quite some time back from the Pentire Glaze mine adjacent to St. Minver in Cornwall

Cerussite is a material that is among the trendy collections of minerals. Cerussite is well known for its high density, wonderful attraction and incredible twinned crystals. Cerussite is a trivial ore of lead. The lead content in it gives it a high quality luster, the same way as leaded crystal glass glitters very brilliantly,  on account of the content of lead in it. When referred to other transparent minerals, the density of Cerussite is one among the highest.

The mineral cerussite is colorless or could be in white as also yellow, gray, and blue-green color.

6.558 g/cm3

Mohs scale hardness
3 to 3.5

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