Contributers to YupRocks.com
We would like to take the opportunity to thank the following people and organizations for their contributions to the site:

Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum, Susan Celestian, Curator - The museum, located in downtown Phoenix, allowed YupRocks.com to photograph some of its collection. A special thank you goes to Susan for taking time out of her schedule to pull mineral specimens for photography.

Pat Hendrick - Pat has dedicated an abundance of his time and energies in assistance with the photography of specimens in his personal collection (a collection which, quite frankly, could rival most museum collections). In addition, Pat has been gracious in sharing some of his 50+ years worth of knowledge about collecting, rocks and minerals, and a wide variety of topics relating to geology and mineralogy. YupRocks.com would not be half of what it is today without his contributions so we're very thankful.

Calvin Geology Calvin College Geology Department - A big thank you goes out to the Geology Department at Calvin College for opening up the entire mineralogy lab for photography. We'd like to acknowledge and thank Professors Davis Young and Ralph Stearley whom have been very helpful at various times in the past.

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