Bridge Damage During Alaskan Earthquake
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Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

The Four Seasons Apartments in Anchorage was a six-story lift-slab reinforced concrete building which cracked to the ground during the earthquake. The building was under construction, but structurally completed, at the time of the earthquake. The main shear- resistant structural elements of the building, a poured-in-place reinforced concrete stairwell and a combined elevator core and stairwell, fractured at the first floor, toppled over, and came to rest on top of the ruble of all six floors and the roof.

Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

Twentymile River Bridge near Turnagain Arm on Cook Inlet. The bridge fell into the river, and some of the wood piles were driven through the reinforced concrete deck. The adjacent steel railroad bridge survived with only minor damage. Both bridges were founded on thick deposits of soft alluvium and tidal flat mud and were subjected to severe seismic vibration.

Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

One span of the Million Dollar truss bridge of the former Copper River and Northwestern Railroad was dropped into the Copper River by the earthquake, and the other truss spans were shifted on their piers.

Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

The earthquake produced marginal pressure ridges and cracks in the ice of small lakes. This example is on the Kenai Peninsula.

Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

Pressure ridge formed on a small Kenai Peninsula lake during the earthquake.

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