Ruptured Fuel Tank and Landslides, 1964
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Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

Government Hill Elementary School in Anchorage which was destroyed by the Government Hill landslide.

Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

A wooden fence which lay athwart the toe of the L Street landslide in Anchorage was buckled and shortened by compression.

Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

Compressional buckle, the ruptured fuel tank and the revetment at the foot of the landslide near the Alaska Native Hospital in Anchorage.

Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

This truck at Lowell Point, 2 miles from Seward, was bent around a tree by the surge waves generated by the underwater landslides along the Seward waterfront. The truck was about 32 feet above water level at the time of the earthquake.

Picture of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

An underwater landslide in Blackstone Bay produced a large wave which surged to points 80 feet above sea level. The trees in the photo are about 50 to 75 feet high.

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Credits: All earthquake photographs courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey. YupRocks makes no copyright claims on these photographs; they are public domain and may be freely distributed.
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