Guatemala Earthquake Pictures
February 4, 1976

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Pictures of Earthquakes

"Mole track" across the soccer field at Gualan consisting of en echelon fissures and connecting pressure ridges along the trace of the Motagua fault. Displacement at this locality is over 3 feet (93 centimeters) left lateral. 1976.

Pictures of Earthquakes

One of many landslides blocking the main highway from Guatemala City to El Progreso, after the February 4, 1976 earthquake.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Surface faulting formed during the Guatemala earthquake on the Motagua fault. Left lateral slip at this location was three- quarters of a meter. Photo by R.C. Bucknam.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Bent rails at Puerto Barrios(?) wharf caused by faulting. Photo by A.F. Espinosa.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Westward along the Motagua fault trace in the area of maximum displacement 33 kilometers northeast of Guatemala City. The fault trace is marked by a zone less than 3 meters wide of en echelon linear cracks with connecting short pressure ridges. There is an en echelon offset of several meters where the fault crosses the creek in the upper part of the slide. The meandering creek does not follow the trace of the fault, which suggests that the fault rupture is geologically young at this locality. Photo by S.B. Bonis.

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Credits: All earthquake photographs courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Event Photographer:
No Name, but from U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 77-165

Note: YupRocks makes no copyright claims on these earthquake photographs - they are public domain and may be freely distributed.
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