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Guatemala Earthquake Pictures
February 4, 1976

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Pictures of Earthquakes

Trunk of ceiba tree (in previous photo) which was split and toppled by faulting.

Pictures of Earthquakes

North-showing drainage ditch along highway CA-10 north of Zacapa offset by 60 centimeters sinistral and about 5 centimeters south side down vertical displacement of the Motagua fault. The man on the road is standing on the fault trace, which passes at almost right angles to the highway. Photo taken on February 8, 1976, four days after the earthquake.

Pictures of Earthquakes

One of hundreds of open cracks that break the pavement of the Interamerican Highway in the area west of Guatemala City between Chimaltenango and Tec pan. The occurrence of these cracks, some of which had vertical displacements of up to 3 centimeters in areas of very high aftershock activity and extreme damage, suggest that some of the cracking may reflect secondary faults at depth.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Landslide-dammed lake along Rio Pixcaya (shown in photo geq00031). The toe of the slide had been breached by the river at the time this photo was taken on February 13, 1976.

Pictures of Earthquakes

Landslides and extensive headwall cracks developed along the edge of a steep walled valley in a Guatemala City suburb.

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Credits: All earthquake photographs courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Event Photographer:
No Name, but from U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 77-165

Note: YupRocks makes no copyright claims on these earthquake photographs - they are public domain and may be freely distributed.
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