Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I found this rock/mineral...can you tell me what it is?
One of my geology professors used to tell me that he would never be able to truly tell me what rock or mineral I was talking about unless he was able to "put it against his nose". Understandably, he meant that there is no satisfactory way for a person to identify a mineral unless they are able to hold it in their hands and look at it from inches away, not to mention being able to use a magnifying glass.

Q: I'd like to use some of your photography for my science project, report, etc. May I have your permission to do so?
Use of my copyrighted photography can only be for non-profit. If there's even a remote chance that this could be violated, find somewhere else to get the mineral photography you seek.

Wherever you use my copyrighted photography, it must be clearly referenced as to where it came from. When you look at a yuprocks.com picture, below to it we indicate the photographer (frequently ?Photography by B. Dillard’). Make sure you indicate 1) the image is from www.yuprocks.com and 2) the name of the photographer.

If the yuprocks.com picture will be used on the internet, then not only does there need to be a reference (as was described above), but the image itself must link to the yuprocks.com homepage (//www.yuprocks.com).

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