The Mineral Forbesite

forbesite mineral picture

The mineral, Forbesite, is a white substance that consists of  a hydrous grayish arsenate of nickel cobalt in fibro-crystalline form.

The name refers to a British Geologist/ Mineralogist David Forbes who was born in Douglas and lived from 1828 to 1876. He was the one who discovered and analyzed Forbesite in 1863.

Chemical Formula
H (Ni, Co) AsO4·31⁄2H2O

It is a blend of Arsenolite and Annabegite, and possesses a silky and resinous texture with a pale white and grayish shade.

Place of origin
According to David Forbes, Forbesite was found in abundance in the upper areas of veins situated in the Potrerillos mine, Atacama Desert in Chile, which seemed to be a semi-decomposed form of  a Mafic rock. It is believed to be derived from chloanthite (Ni, Co) because the lower part of the area where the top level was covered with Forbesite mineral was discovered with Chloanthite mineral.

Health Risk
There is a lack of enough clinical trials proving the side effects of using Forbesite, but being a mineral it should be used with caution.

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