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franklinite mineral


Franklinite is one among those minerals that was discovered in New Jersey, at Franklin, which is a renowned place where so many types of exotic minerals that were not previously known are produced. This mineral is obtained in sufficient amount available as an ore of manganese and zinc, which are two essential metals used in industries. The formation of these crystals is octahedral and are a specimen of the minerals belonging to the normal spinel subgroup. Those specimens obtained from Franklin normally possess black grains of Franklinite, rounded in shape, and covered with greenish Willemite or/and white Calcite along with a brilliant red Zincite. Mineral collectors show a lot of interest in this exotic and attractive specimen.


The Franklinite mineral is found where marble is deposited (in Franklin) in the ore of zinc in the metamorphic zone and also in New Jersey and Ogdensburg. Remarkable quality is restricted to the mines that are well known in Franklin, New Jersey, USA from the place where Franklin obtained its name.

Derivation of name

The name Franklinite is derived from the locality where it was found Franklin which was dedicated to Benjamin Franklin.

Currently Franklin and the adjacent towns of New Jersey, Ogdensburg and Sussex are the only places where Franklinite is found. Other than these localities there is no other place where you can find this mineral, but sufficient quantity is available at these two locations. In spite of this, gone are the days when huge size crystals were discovered which are classic according to the collectors who are greatly in search of them.

Chemical Formulare – (Zn, Fe2+) (Fe3+) 2O4

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Physical characteristics

  • Streak - black to dark gray

  • Transparency - Opaque

  • Color – Black

  • Fracture – Uneven/Irregular, Conchoidal

  • Luster – Sub-Metallic to Metallic

Associated minerals – These include Zincite, Rhodonite, Willemite and Calcite as well as minerals discovered in New Jersey’s Franklin.

Franklinite normally goes along with radiant Willemite and Flourscent Calcite, and occasionally with orange Zincite. At times Franklinite is grouped in the varieties of the mineral Magnetite. However, it is a clear variety of a mineral.

Hardness (Mohs)

51/2 – 6

Hardness (Vickers)

VHN 100 = 852 kg/mm2


Very brittle

Cleavage None observed

Density (measured)

5.07 – 5.22 g/cm3

Density (calculated)

5.163 g/cm3


Typical Uses

Zinc ore used for: Galvanizing metals

Agricultural uses- brass, chemical industries, rubber and paint.

Manganese ore is used for: manufacturing batteries, golf clubs, steel, glazes and mixed with metals for corrosion resistance, also used in rifles, rail, road tracks and cannons.

Metaphysical Uses:


Mythical Uses

Franklinite stimulates the growth of hair (watch out Reagan). Besides, Franklinite is used in the treatment of disorders in the male reproductive system and in giving clarity to sickly eyes.

This stone that contains zinc, has the means of preserving physical and emotional conditions. This rock helps in stimulating self expression and inventiveness. Vibrations of these stones help inventiveness, and diplomacy is augmented.

franklinite mineral picture franklinite mineral franklinite
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