The Mineral Hemimorphite

mineral hemimorphite

Hemimorphite is an inimitable mineral; its crystal terminology is different on either side of a crystal unit. This behavior of the crystal is usual in the Hemimorphite crystals, but it is still not clearly noticeable, because an end of the crystal is in the matrix.

The mineral Hemimorphite has two separate important designs: A microcrystalline globular form and a well-crystallized form. With the two forms of Hemmorphites contrary to one another, it is astonishing to say that they belong to the same mineral.

We find Hemimorphite in most of the regions all over the world. Even though the majority of them produce only micro crystals of this mineral, still several extraordinary localities have given very good specimens of this mineral. Hemimorphite occurred earlier in several parts of Europe, such as Vieile Montagne, Belgium and  Kelmis. It occurs in Germs-sur-1 Oussouet, France and Lourdes in the form of white crystals and blue globular forms; and also at the SA Duchessa Mine, Sardinia, Domusnovas and Italy. In Carinthia, Bleiberg and Austria, you get white and colorless Hemimorphite crystals along with Wulfenite. And from Greece’s , Attiki and Lavrion District,  white crystal fans are available.

Recently, some stupendous globular forms of Hemimorphite were produced in China, with the deep color of neon blue. Fine white colored crystals occur in Iran, in the Qalen-Zari Mine, Nehbandan.
Spiky, light blue Hemimorphite crystals are obtained in Africa, from the Skorpion Mine, Namibia, Rosh Pinah; and globular aggregates of pale blue color are obtained from Mindouli and M’Fouati, Congo.

hemimorphite picture

Mexico is perhaps the most productive country with regards to the collectible production of Hemimorphite specimens. The well known Ojuela Mine in Mapimi, Durango, is among the highest productive districts of Hemimorphite. It forms properly-shaped crystals on a Limonite matrix. In Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, we get fans and white crystals of very big size; and from Durango, Santa Maria del Oro, Santo Nino Mine, we obtain toothpaste- blue botryoidal Hemomimorphite.

Globular masses are famous in the U.S. from the Sterling Hill Mine, New Jersey and Ogdensburg. Globular aggregates, white in color and dusty, sparkling crystals are produced in this district. Hemimorphite crystals, colored yellow and Tan were obtained in Granby Field, Missouri and Newton County. The extremely big crystals which are colorless and white arrive from the Summit Mine, Broadwater County, Radersburg and Montana; the solid white crystal aggregates come from Leadvile District, Colorado and Lake County. The 79 Mine adjacent to Hayden, Gila County in Arizona, has generated Hemimorphite in combination of globular shaped crystals with attractive green hue and pale- blue colors.

Derivation of Name
The mineral Hemimorphite obtained its name from the Greek word “hemi” which means “half” and “morph,” which means “shape” which resembles its crystal nature.
Initially this mineral was named calamine, but since another mineral was called by this name, the name Hemimorphite was proposed for it, which is a well-known name today. Hemi,  meaning half and morph meaning shape are aptly named, Hemimorphite.

Chemical Formulae
Zn4SI207 (OH) 2. H2o

Physical characteristics
Color – The various colors are beige, white, yellow, blue, pale brown and colorless, infrequently with a yellow or green hue

Luster – The globular shaped ones are vitreous, silky, waxy or pale colored, Crystals range from vitreous to adamantine.

Translucent to transparent.

Fracture – uneven to subconchoidal

Associated minerals
Limonite, Calcite, Smithsonite, Hematite, Rosasite, Aurichalcite, Mimetite.

Hardness No.
4.5 to 5 Mohs.

Applications – Hemimorphite is obtained in the deposits of sinks as a sink ore. As far as collectors are concerned, it is a vital mineral, particularly when it is obtained in the globular blue form and when it is properly crystallized.

Mythical Uses
Hemimorphite is a compassionate stone.
The blue Hemimorphite helps in healing unhealthy or broken relationships by communicating their deep internal emotions. Its other uses are:

  • Enhancing compassion
  • Increases the capacity of binding with the partner and with innocence
  • Enhances  growth in the ability of vision and psychic needs
  • Enhances the inner power
  • Develops tremendous energy for completing projects on deadline

The vibrations caused by the blue Hemimorphite raises the quantity of light entering into one's auric field, and helps in the ascending the spiritual development.

This additional light emitted is extremely effective and creates exceptional results in many parts of the body, especially in the throat chakra.

By supplying excess light in this portion, your absolute ability in communication is enhanced. You will also get improved gifts of psychic communication.

Your happiness is increased as this stone vibrates; its flow effectively balances your emotional status. Apart from this it helps in healing certain problems of relationship, if any.

While meditating, if you have this stone in your hand, it will enhance your psychic gifts;  the increase in its vibration increases your communication skill with greater spiritual realms,  and it will help to boost contact with other realms, which includes connection with guides and angels.

Besides, Hemimorphite is of use as a gemstone by the collectors, having the blue form, polished in the form of cabochons, which collectors preserve as rare gemstones.

Hemimorphite Mineral Picture Hemimorphite Picture Hemimorphite
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