The Mineral Heulandite
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Heulandite is one among the well-known zeolite minerals. Its crystal forms are clearly perceptible. Its pearl-like luster on the cleavage surface is prominent. As per its inventive class Heulandite was regularly considered a solitary species of mineral having changing component characteristics. The benefit of these crystals is that they belong to the category of stones called Zeolite. The general notion of this category is that it is of much use to the environment, because it sucks in the poisonous elements and their smell… as such it is good to have such a mineral in your surroundings.

Heulandite is comparatively a general mineral obtainable in almost all places where Zeolite is found. A few of the excellent crystals are from the state of Maharashtra, in India, located at Jalgaon, Nasik, Pune and Aurangabad. In Nasik, the Shakur Quarry is famous for its deep green colored Heulandite, where celadonite inclusions are in the formation of the crystals.

The properly shaped glossy Heulandite crystals are obtained from Berufjordur, Teigarhor, Island; the deep red crystals are from Buffaure, Trentino, Val d’Fassa, Italy. Tiny crystal layers, Basalt vugs are seen in Lisbon, and in Portugal. Delicate orange to red hue crystals are obtained from Garrawilla Station and Gunnedah, New South Wales, and Pottinger Co., in Australia.

A few of the Heulandite crystals with glossy appearance and a variety of colors are obtained in the US, in places like the Prospect Park and in Paterson, New Jersey and Passaic Co. Grayish green crystals (interlocked),  also were obtained, adjacent to Fanwood, New Jersey and Union Co. The extremely brilliant Heulandite crystals of peach to pink colors linked with Mordenite arrives from Challis, Rats Nest claim, Custer County and  Idaho. Fine crystals are obtained from Canada in many regions of Nova Scotia, which is adjacent to the Bay of Fundy, and also between the Bay of Partridge islands and Wasson’s Bluff.
In the amygdaloidal grooves of basaltic volcanic rocks, we find Heulandite along with Stilbite and several other Zeolites, and infrequently in hydrothermal veins and gneiss rocks (Wiki explains this as,” Gneiss  is a common and widely distributed type of rock formed by high-grade regional metamorphic processes from pre-existing formations that were originally either igneous or sedimentary rocks.

Derivation of Name
The name Heulandite was derived after the English mineral collector John Henry Heuland (1778 – 1856), a British mineral collector and a dealer in minerals.

Chemical Formulae

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Physical Characteristics
Color: White, with red hue, white with brown hue, white with gray hue and yellow. The color appears, white, red, brown, gray, yellow, pink and peach.

  • Luster – Pearl-like, Vitreous
  • Fracture: brittle, usually seen among non-metallic minerals and glasses

3 – 3.5 – Copper Penny-Calcite
Density: 2.2

Collectors appreciate Heulandite crystals that are well formed and huge. Heulandite in the form of Zeolite has additional uses as chemical filters and water purifiers.

Mythical Uses
The mineral Heulandite belongs to the family of Zeolites. Zeolite crystals were grown on board of the space shuttle. The stone Heulandite progresses the speed of receiving ideas and aids in developing an optimistic mind in all circumstances. It is also a psychic tool in the sense that it helps to recall ones past life. It is the stone that acts as a very good healer of emotions, when one is at a loss, particularly in sorrow.  Heulandite does help you in your physical attire; it helps in reducing weight (obesity), inner ear balance and related cases, problems with your feet, and other respiratory problems. Heulandite is known to link mainly with the crown chakra. This stone has great properties of vibration. It is a stone which helps you in meditating to great heights. Perhaps it drives you to journeys far back like the ancient civilization like the Lemuria, Atlantis or Egypt.

Perhaps you get a study of the earlier lifestyles and have an experience with it. It heals conditions related to karmic temperament… so much so, that you give a break to your further needs and get a relief of tranquility.

Ornaments such as bracelets, pendants and rings are made with Heulandite.

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