The Mineral Rose Quartz

Among the most commonly occurring variety, belonging to the Quartz family of gemstones is the Rose Quartz. It is a crystalline form of silicon dioxide and gets its name from its characteristic color which is a light to a heavy tinge of rose. The typical color of this gemstone ranges between shades of a dash of pink to thick set and dense reddish-pink.  Occasionally found as a single massive crystal, it is mainly found as groups of smaller prismatic crystals. In terms of optical characteristics related to clarity, they can be opaque, translucent or minimally transparent. Transparent Rose Quartz is very uncommon. Occasionally, traces of Rutile, which is a mineral, composed mainly of titanium dioxide (TiO2) occur within the structure of some stones. When polished and finished as spheres or cabochons, these trace elements create a six-rayed star visual effect, thus increasing the aesthetic value of the gemstone.

Traditionally valued for its ability to heighten the beauty of an individual, Rose Quartz was believed to provide a clear complexion as well as prevent wrinkles by the Romans and Egyptians.. Facial masks containing Rose Quartz found buried along with Egyptian mummies have also been excavated from their tombs. In Asia, Tibetan and Oriental cultures revere the Rose Quartz stone, and it is a prized stone used for a large number of Chinese carvings.

Alternate names and name spellings
Rose Quartz is also recognized by a few other alternative names depending on the region of origin and use. It is also known as Pink Quartz in obvious reference to its color. From the Greek word 'hyalos' meaning 'glass,' another term for this gemstone is Hyaline Quartz. In ancient times, Rose Quartz was also known as Silesian or Bohemian Ruby  or Love Stone 

Physical properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, is chemically a form of silicon dioxide (SiO2) commonly known as silica. Other forms of silica include Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Citrine and all forms of gemstones that are of quartz origin. When measured on the Mohs scale, both pure Quartz (also referred to as clear Quartz or Rocky Crystal) and Rose Quartz have a hardness value of 7.

Throughout the mineral kingdom, though other forms of crystal have similar shades of rose, yet the hue of Rose Quartz is a class apart. None of them come close to the subtle and unique shades of this gemstone and crystal. Scientists have yet to unravel the origins of this color, and purport it to impurities of manganese, iron and titanium present in the crystal matrix. The color of Rose Quartz is quite unparalleled in the mineral realm. There are crystals that have similar rose color, but never quite close to the gentle shades of Rose Quartz. The origin of the pink color is still a mystery. Scientists used to believe that this color was a result of titanium, iron or manganese impurities in the silicate matrix. New evidence from few recent investigations, however, point in the direction of other minerals that occur in the form of extremely minute and microscopic fibers as responsible for the pink hue. Hence the origins of the color are still debatable!

Rose Quartz mainly occurs in the form of groups of minute crystal, but can also be found in the form of a large single crystal on rare occasions. In such crystals, it is conceived that the color is due to the presence of aluminum or phosphates in the quartz structure. Opaque, translucent and cloudy transparent forms of Rose Quartz are most usual. Clear and transparent forms of this gemstone are very rare.

Rose Quartz in found in significant quantities as crystal deposits in Brazil, India, Madagascar, South Africa and the United States of America.

An overview of the uses and purposes of Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz inspires the emotions of motherhood, nurturing and encourages bonding. Thus, it is also referred to as a mothering crystal. It is believed that placing the stone on the stomach at the time of pregnancy or by the side of the baby during its birth, has a very positive and soothing effect. It is likewise thought that colic and other food related problems can also be warded off  by putting the baby food or milk in a circle of Rose Quartz
As a love stone, the thought goes that placing a set of duplex Rose Quartz hearts along with pink roses on a private altar of love and lighting pink candles can stir the emotion of love or further strengthen it in a relationship. A variation of this is to place photographs of one's lover and oneself, surrounded by tiny crystals of Rose Quartz in a heart shape. Rose Quartz is also supposed to promote unconditional love, and bring back harmony and trust in a relationship. This is done by placing the gemstone by the bedside or in the home in the appropriate relationship corner.
As a love stone of sensuality, Rose Quartz is believed to work as a powerful aphrodisiac which can stimulate sensual imaginations by its proximal presence at the bedside.

Rose Quartz can also be utilized to offer a peaceful night's rest to children as well as grown ups. When placed by the bedside, it induces beautiful and calming dreams besides occluding nightmares, and fear of the dark and night.
Rose Quartz is also thought to cause a calming effect on people undergoing emotional trauma or crises or grief. It helps in instilling in them the strength to accept the change and move forward.

Rose Quartz placed at the workplace as a raw stone is also known to protect against gossip and in the case of beauty consultants is believed to work as an occupational support stone.   

The other ways in which Rose Quarts is used are

As a Physical Healing Energy

Rose Quartz is popularly used in healing burns and reducing blisters by lightly rubbing on the affected area. It is a beneficial remedy to erase scars on the skin, reducing wrinkles, enhancing skin softness and promoting fair complexion. The circulatory system and the heart are  also benefitted by using this precious mineral that aids to stabilize the irregular rhythm of the heart beat.

As a Balancing Energy and Chakra Healin

It is the vital mineral in the Heart Chakra science. The Heart Chakra is situated around the breastbone. It has the capability to control human emotions, thereby helping the human being to face the changes and accept the cyclic nature of the relationships.

As a Color Energy

The color energy of the Rose Quartz is of great importance. It possesses the rays of energy like commitment ray, determination ray and caring ray. Different colors of rays soothe the body and mind in different ways.

As a Feng Shui Energy

Feng Shui honors this valuable mineral as a medium to provide energy, warmth and enthusiasm in life. This energy provides passion for ideas, concepts and sex. It is a mineral that is traditionally placed in the south area in the room of the house or working place. It is believed to impart the energy in life.

As a natural Birthstone

People born in the period between November 22nd till December 20th are lucky to have the pale red Rose Quartz as a natural birthstone. Use this stone to experience the best of energy, love, passion and courage in your life..
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