The Mineral Schorl
schorl mineral picture

School is the most common mineral of the tourmaline group. It is also known as black tourmaline. Because it is the common form of tourmaline. Scrolls can form beautiful tourmaline crystals that are classic because they are hememorphic, having different shapes from top to bottom of the crystals. All tourmalines can form similar crystals because they make the same internal crystalline structure.  In the Shigar Valley, from where the Schrol crystals came from Pakistan. The best Schrols come from New England and southern California.

Schrol occurs in many granites, syenites, pegmatities, quartz and ore veins and in limestones. It also occurs in acid igneous rocks. It is one of the most characteristic minerals formed by circulating hot waters. School has been formed at high temperature and pressures through the agency of liquids. It is also found as an accessory mineral in metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Derivation of Name
Scroll mineral of the tourmaline group named for the old german word score.  Which means       ‘impurities’. The name was derived from an old German village called Schrol.  At the beginning of the 18th century, the name, school was mainly used in german speaking area.

Chemical Formula
NaFe++3AI6 (BO3) 3Si618 (OH) 4

Physical Characteristics
Color is black.

Luster is vitreous to submetallic.

Transparency: crystals are opaque.

Hardness is 7-7.5

Specific gravity is 3.2+

Associated minerals are micas, feldspars and quartz.

Mythical Uses
Schrol mineral softens panic attacks, caused by dark or confined spaces, or in places where the atmosphere is frightening. It helps in controlling fear of doctors. If you need full concentration in your work place, hold Schrol mineral for some time.


  • For telephone workers and miners, Schrol is a professional support stone
  • For conducting television and radio frequencies Schrol minerals are highly valued as electrical tuning circuits
  • Schrol is especially used to treat motion sickness and restoring luster and shine to nails and hairs
  • It provides protection during ritual works
  • The Schrol is an excellent crystal for meditation and healing
  • It is ideal for body layouts.
The Schrol’s  most important property is its ability to become electrically charged by rubbing and heating. The Schrol may be found in every continent. It is a powerful stone, electrical in nature and connected between human spirit and earth.
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