The Mineral Vanadinite

The mineral Vanadinite belongs to the apatite family of phosphates and is among the major industrial sources of metal vanadium and a small source of lead. Crystals of this dense, brittle mineral are generally in the form of red hexagonal. It is a scarce mineral, created by oxidation of lead ore deposits, for example galena.

Chemical Formula  
Pb5 (VO4) 3Cl
Derivation of Name  
The name points out its vanadium content.
Vanadinite crops up as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zone of deposits carrying lead; the vanadium is leached from wall-rock silicates. Allied minerals are Mimetite, Descloizite, Mottramite, Pyromorphite, Anglesite, Wulfenite, Cerussite, Calcite, Barite and different minerals of iron oxide.

It’s a fire element stone that keeps its wearer focused on the job at hand. It boosts up power when a job becomes difficult. Vanadinite facilitates the user to carry on and bear fatigue.

Deposits of Vanadinite are located the world over and include Austria, the Ural Mountains, Spain, Scotland, South Africa, Argentina, Namibia, Morocco, Mexico plus four states of the US: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and South Dakota. There are more than four hundred mines of Vanadinite all over the world. Important Vanadinite mines are at Mibladen and Touisset in Morocco; Cordoba, Argentina; Tsumeb, Namibia; Gila County, Arizona, in the United States and Sierra County, New Mexico.

The structure of vanadinite is similar to that of Apatite and at times the two have crystals of similar shape. Vanadinite is part of a chemical string with other two minerals: Mimetite (Pb5 (AsO4) 3Cl) and Pyromorphite (Pb5 (PO4) 3Cl). This series replaces its basic chemical units the anion groups; Arsenate (AsO4), phosphate (PO4) and Vanadate (VO4). Vanadinite is typically red but the other members of this chain plus apatite family are generally not. The Vanadinite's characteristic crystal pattern is short hexagonal prisms terminated by a pinacoid or flat basal face.

Color is normally bright red to orange, less usually brown or gray.

6.95 g/cm3


Vanadinite Picture Vanadinite Mineral Picture Vanadinite
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