The Mineral Wavellite

Wavellite is considered as an inferior or secondary mineral found in aluminous, metamorphic rocks of low grade construction. It is a mineral of Phosphate. It occurs as a green radial spherical or translucent cluster. English physician William Wavel discovered Wavellite. Wavellite is a classic radiating mineral. It forms spectacular pinwheels. Wavellite is cut into beautiful and attractive cabochons, ornamental pieces and slabs.
Wavellite is the second best collectable mineral in Arkansas. The site where the Wavellite mineral was collected is near the community of avant in Garland County at the Northeast end of the lake Ouachita. Most of past collectors potholed the hillside so it is called dug hill. Many beautiful and attractive colors of Wavellites, like apple green, pale green and bright green are discovered in Arkansas. Near the hot spring county waterworks and saline county, yellow Wavellite  has been collected. Yellow Wavelight of Saline Country is very fluorescent.

Chemical Formulae
Al3 (po4) 2 (OH) 3.5H2O

Derivation of name
Wavellite was named in 1805 after William Wavell a physician in Hardwood Parish. It has a soft, watery feel, and while holding it, it seems to make you feel as if you are sitting in a calm, shallow sea.

Uses Of Wavellite Mineral
It can show positive vibes in arresting cold, flu, hay, fever, skin problems and can strengthen  Chi and life force. It has a positive result in treating blood cell disorders.

Varieties Of Wavellite
Wavellite has three different forms-

The first crystal form- it is the most common spherical form and appears on host rocks like Limonite, Quartz and Variscite.

The second crystal form – it is most beautiful and elegant of Wavellite’S crystal forms.

The third crystal form-it is made up of straight radial crystal. The third form of Wavellite is found in Queensland in Australia, and is rare.

Mystical Powers
Wavellite is helpful in managing difficult situations and enhances the quality levels of energy, producing stability and healthy balance in the body. Wavellite is the best stone for new moon meditation that is helpful in increasing intuitive abilities and in activating internal knowledge. Wavellite is helpful in the support for emotional healings.

Physical Characteristics

Color is green, but colorless, white, yellow and brown are also seen

Luster is vitreous-pearly.

Transparency - crystals are transparent to translucent.

Fracture is uneven.

Hardness is 3.5 to 4.

Streak is white.

Cleavage is perfect in two directions.

Crystal system is orthorhombic.

Specific gravity is 2.3+

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