The Mineral Wickenburgite

Wickenburgite Mineral Picture

Wickenburgite is a pyramidal mineral in trigonal-ditrigonal shape consisting of calcium, silicon, aluminium, oxygen, calcium and lead.

Chemical Formula
CaPb3 Al2Si10O24 (OH) 6

The first discovery of the Wickenburgite was made by Williams in 1968. It was found in the Wickenburg region of Maricopa, Arizona, and hence referred by the name of the locality.

Physical properties
Wickenburg is often found in a pink or white shade and sometimes colorless, with a trigonal system. The IMA status was approved in 1968 and it has a density of 3.85 g/cm3.

Lead- Pbo 44.62%, Pb 41.43%
Calcium-CaO 3.74%, Ca 2.67%
Aluminium- Al2O3 6.79%, Al 3.60%
Oxygen- O 33.05%
Silicon- SiO2 40.04%, Si 18.72%
Hydrogen-H2O 4.80%, H 0.54%

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