The Mineral Wulfenite

Wulfenite is a lead Molybdate mineral. It can be found as tabular crystals. Wulfenite is a nice mineral and is very popular. Its lovely luster and beautiful, strong colors and kind crystal habit attracts collectors all around the world. This is favorite mineral of collectors. That’s why it is highly collectable. It forms a series with Stolzite mineral. In place of molybdenum, it contains tungsten. Outstanding crystals can be formed by Wulfenite mineral. Its crystals are tabular and thin. The yellow form of Wulfenite mineral is known as “yellow lead ore”. It is a good grinding stone and extremely stable mineral. Wulfenite is a minor source of molybdenum.
Wulfenite is used as a metallic hardener for steel. It helps in resisting corrosion. Wulfenite is a source of lead, used in paints, batteries and toys of children from China. Wulfenite crystals are used in white magic rituals of all kinds. It is also used for communication with higher beings and astral journeying. Wulfenite can help in treating thyroid dysfunction. It is also used in the treatment of skin, blood, heart and neurological disorders, degenerative brain disease, improvement of nerve impulse transmission and balancing of hormones.

mineral erythrite

erythrite mineral

erythrite mineral

Wulfenite mineral is found all over the world, but its best deposits are found in Arizona. It is mainly found in the United States in Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. It is also found in Australia, Germany and North Africa. Wulfenite mineral is found in the same areas as molybdenum and lead containing minerals. It has impurities of tungsten, vanadium and calcium. Wulfenite mineral occurs in the oxidized zone of Molybdenum deposits and lead. It occurs with anglesite, Cerussite, Smithsonite, vanadinite, Hemimorphite, Descloizite, Mimetite, Pyromorphite and various manganese oxides and iron.

Chemical Formulae

Derivation of Name
Wulfenite mineral was named in 1845 by Wilhelem Carl von haidinger in honor of Australian mineralogist Franz Xavier von Wulfen (1728-1805).

Characteristics - Physical

Color - silver, red, white, orange and yellow

Luster is vitreous

Transparency: translucent to transparent

Crystal System: Tetragonal

Fracture: Conchoidal

Cleavage: ideal in a single direction

Density: About 6.8

Hardness is 3

Streak is white

Healing Properties
Wulfenite crystal is powerful stone for healing past life issues and relationship. It boosts an artist’s creativity. It helps stimulate metabolism. It also enhances pleasure and sexual function. It ensures creative forces flow freely. It is very a powerful stone for physical and spiritual rejuvenation and for improving cellular memory, but it is also a toxic.


Wulfenite Picture Wulfenite Picture Wulfenite Picture Wulfenite Mineral Picture
Wulfenite Wulfenite Mineral Wulfenite Wulfenite Picture
Wulfenite Wulfenite Mineral Picture Wulfenite Picture Mineral Wulfenite
Wulfenite Wulfenite Wulfenite Mineral Picture Wulfenite Picture
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